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- Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

We develop, produce and improve open-cell metal foams by coating polyurethane foams with metal or by adding a metal layer to conventional metal foams.

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Mac Panther Materials – Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

The goal of Mac Panther Materials is to offer customers the best possible solution to meet their needs. This requires close cooperation and maintaining a relationship with our partners that is built on trust. Only in this way is sustainable, joint success possible.

Thanks to our close ties to Saarland University, we are able to fully utilise the latest developments in this field in addition to their many years of experience with metal foams. This, coupled with our own developments, helps us to guarantee our customers long-term innovative metal foam solutions.

Our significant improvement in conventional metal foams contributes greatly to improving our customers’ products. Our patent-pending technology for coating polyurethane foams with metals, offers further technical advantages in addition to cost benefits, which we will be more than happy to explain to you.

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Polyurethane foam with and without metal coating

Polyurethane foam with and without metal coating

Polyurethane-based metal foam

Polyurethane-based metal foam

The advantages/potential applications of metal foams

Metal foams are divided into two categories: open-cell or closed-cell. Compared to closed-cell metal foams, open-cell metal foams offer more advantages and areas of applications.

Only the surface of an open-cell foam, regardless of whether it is a conventional metal or polyurethane foam, can be coated in a downstream process, resulting in what are known as hybrid foams. This downstream coating, which is one of the core competencies of Mac Panther Materials, makes it possible to modify/adapt the metal foam properties, thus often resulting in additional functionalities for the customer.

The great advantage of open-cell metal foam, especially with hybrid foam, is its bi- or multifunctionality as the case may be. This means that hybrid foams, unlike conventional materials, offer several advantages at the same time thanks to their composition. One example of this is the side-impact protection of a car made of metal foam.

The metal foam provides very good protection against collisions due to its ability to absorb a lot of energy. At the same time, it is a light-weight construction element due to its low weight and thus reduces fuel consumption as well as the environmental impact. A side impact protector made of metal foam simultaneously becomes multifunctional due to its vibration- and sound-absorbing properties and is thus a “smart” material, as muffled noises from the outside offer drivers improved driving comfort.

Your potential applications for our metal foam will also certainly have more than one function for your application!

Energy absorption

Energy absorption

Metal foam – the ultimate energy absorber

  • High specific energy absorption capacity
    per mass due to plastic deformation
  • Large deformations at nearly constant stress are possible
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Lightweight construction

Lightweight construction

Metal foam – the ‘heavyweight’ in lightweight construction

  • Very high stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • Low density due to high porosity
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Structural/optical functionality

Structural / Optical functionality

Metal foam – its structural and optical functionality

  • Large inner surface
  • High temperature resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Sound and vibration absorption
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Stable matrix for solid, liquid or gaseous fillings
  • Futuristic appearance
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Mac Panther Materials GmbH - Logo

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