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- Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

We develop, produce and improve open-cell metal foams by coating polyurethane foams with metal or by adding a metal layer to conventional metal foams.

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Mac Panther Materials in Bremen

Mac Panther Materials GmbH was founded by engineers and physicists with experience in materials science together with Saarland University in March 2017. The company is based in Bremen.

Mac Panther Materials develops, manufactures and improves open-cell metal foams based either on metal coating of polyurethane foams or on additional metallic coating of existing metal foams.

Founding Team

Founding Team

Photo: Beate-Helena Wehrle, KWT

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Mac Panther Materials GmbH - Logo

Mac Panther Materials GmbH
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+49 (0)421 - 55716 - 6
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