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- Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

We develop, produce and improve open-cell metal foams by coating polyurethane foams with metal or by adding a metal layer to conventional metal foams.

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Mac Panther Materials – Metal foam doesn’t have to be expensive

Mac Panther Materials manufactures open-cell polyurethane-based metal foams. We offer different metals for coating PU foams. Frequently used materials are nickel, copper, silver or gold. Alloys such as NiMn, NiCo, etc. are also possible.

The great advantage of PU-based metal foams is that they present a cost-effective alternative to conventional metal foams, mostly aluminium (Al foams) foams. Moreover, they offer more potential areas of application as it is very simple to mould PU foams, for example. All things considered, metal-coated PU foams can be adapted more easily and quickly to customer requirements. Different shapes or pore sizes, e.g. for filters, catalysts or heat exchangers are easy to adapt. These metal foams can also be used for applications in which high temperatures or flame-retarding properties are needed. The polyurethane can be flame-cut after the manufacturing process, if desired.

Nickel-coated polyurethane foams (Ni/PU foams) are suitable for applications in energy absorption. Depending on the thickness of the layer, the mechanical properties of Ni/PU foams are comparable to those of Al or Ni/Al foams. However, the cost per absorbed amount of energy is significantly lower compared to conventional metal foams, typically aluminium foams. In addition, the advantage with coated PU foams is that no loose fragments are formed during deformation or compression.

Our metal-coated polyurethane foams can also be used in various ways in the field of architecture. We are able to manufacture large plates which can be used in the construction of a façade, for example. The coated PU foams offer a great cost advantage with the large amounts of metal foam required for this purpose.

Refining PU-based metal foams to create additional functionalities is also possible and a service we offer.

Polyurethane foam with and without metal coating Polyurethane foam with and without metal coating

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Mac Panther Materials GmbH - Logo

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