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- Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

We develop, produce and improve open-cell metal foams by coating polyurethane foams with metal or by adding a metal layer to conventional metal foams.

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Mac Panther Materials – Seize the opportunity for improvement

In addition to improving the mechanical properties, we refine open-cell metal foams in many other ways. The final metal coating results in a refined surface and gives the metal foam further functionality.

Such additional functionality is corrosion protection, for example, which is achieved by a nickel coating and is requested or necessary for many applications.

Refining metal foams can also be conducted by applying a silver coating. In this case, silver’s antibacterial effect is utilised. This additional functionality plays an important role, especially in the medical field, but is also successfully used in other fields.

Metal foams are also increasingly being used in design and architecture. In this case, there is often the requirement that the metal foam components should have a very high-quality external appearance. This can be realised easily by Mac Panther Material by subsequently refining metal foam with a silver, copper or gold coating, for example.

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Mac Panther Materials GmbH - Logo

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