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- Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

Your partner for innovative metal foam solutions

We develop, produce and improve open-cell metal foams by coating polyurethane foams with metal or by adding a metal layer to conventional metal foams.

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Mac Panther Materials – Metal foams made strong

Do you currently use an open-cell metal foam and want to make it even stronger? Or are you looking for a technical solution that focuses on maximising mechanical properties?

Applying an additional coating to metal foams, typically aluminium foams, is made possible by Mac Panther Materials as subsequent coating of open-cell metal foams significantly increases the stiffness and energy absorption capacity of the material.

For example, the 150-μm-thick nickel coating of an open-cell 10 ppi aluminium foam lead to the following reinforcement properties of the original metal foam:

  • 3.5x higher stiffness
  • Up to 10x higher absolute energy absorption capacity
  • 2.2x higher density-specific energy absorption

We are also able to strengthen large or thick metal foam parts. This is due to our ability to produce an almost homogeneous coating along the foam cross-section for thicknesses up to 50 mm.

In addition to homogeneous reinforcement of metal foams, we are also able to adjust the properties locally via the foam cross-section. This inhomogeneous reinforcement is interesting for some energy absorption applications.

If you have parts made from or with metal foam, get in touch with us! We will be more than happy to discuss the range of possibilities we can offer you.

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Mac Panther Materials GmbH - Logo

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